Welcome yourself on system start up

License: Apache License 2.0

What it is?

It is a shell script which pop up's a terminal whenever system starts and displays a greeting message with some general system stats. This script worked perfectly on UBUNTU 16.04 LTS and is intended to work fine on any debian based system.

Whom it is for?

This script is intended for the users who wants to customize their system and stand different from others.

How to use this script?

Installation :-

Step 1: Clone this repository and extract. After cloning, you'll have these three files in the directory: install.sh, uninstall.sh, LICENSE.txt and README.md and a src directory which contain file main.sh.

Step 2: Open a terminal and navigate to the directory.

Step 3:Run the command "sh install.sh" (Without quoted). When prompted to enter greeting name, enter the name to be displayed. It will display as "Welcome <greeting name>". For example, if you enter greeting name as "John" (without quotes) then the greeting message will be "Welcome John". Root access is not required.

Step 4 (optional): If you have multiple users and want same effect on them, then carry out the above process on all users.

Uninstallation :-

Step 1: Open a terminal and navigate to the directory.

Step 2: run command "sh uninstall.sh" (without quotes).

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